A new vision of mobility


The electric scooter trolley

Maestra offers a folding electric scooter for easy mobility while carrying loads. Thanks to our patented system, it is possible by a simple gesture, to fold the scooter and use it as a trolley.

The universal fasteners on both sides of the handlebar allow you to attach any bicycle bag.

PC cases, wicker baskets, waterproof travel bags, … There are some for all uses.


A scooter which stands out
kg maximum
km range
km/h maximum
Watts engine power
The Maestra is designed, built assembled in our premises, located in the Hauts de France region. Each part is made by French industry to offer you the best quality.

The wheels are Made in England, manufactured by Trampaboards,, a renowned company for their great mountainboards.


The Maestra, it’s:

  • 3 wheels for stability. It is above all a reassuring product.
  • hydraulic brakes for precise braking
  • front and rear LED lights
  • a steering system to manage the balance of the body
  • real inner tubes to absorb shocks


For optimal riding comfort and stability, the platform allows you to place both feet side by side rather than one behind the other. This also helps you manage your balance when cornering.

The steering system offers good maneuverability, even in the city center.


Sustainable design
The Maestra is made of noble materials to meet the need of a high quality product. The platform is made of wood and the rest of the parts are made of aeronautic aluminum.

The design is thought to break with current scooters: on a Maestra, you have the look!

Maestra for you :

  • who is looking for an electric scooter, more reassuring than an electric scooter;
  • who want to carry your computer and your lunchbox to go to work without being embarrassed;
  • who is tired of going to the mini market by foot;
  • who can’t bear public transports;
  • who wish to participate in the preservation of the planet but who does not want to put energy on it;
  • who would like to put on heels but is afraid of having foot pain;
  • who always dreamed of overtaking cars in town in the traffic jam;
  • who is simply looking for a new vision of mobility.


The founder

Robin Braem, founder of Maestra Mobility: “Two years ago, I lived in Lyon, and I was going to work by bike. I used to shop in a mini market on the way home, but in the long run it was not practical … I started looking for an alternative solution. The scooter trolley is born. I have been working full time on the Maestra since November 2016, and it’s a real pleasure! “


A successful crowdfunding
In October, we organized a crowdfunding campaign. For 40 days, you had the opportunity to pre-order the Maestra on this page.

14 people are now waiting for their scooter! Thanks to them :

Catherine D., Xavier C., Régis R., Alexandre J., Kevyn C., Nathalie L., Bernard H., Eric T., Isabelle P., Stéphane B., Anne C., Luc C., Pascal B., Jean-Pierre D.

You could also participate in the project by giving a smaller amount. Many thanks to the 71 people who believe in the Maestra:

Nathalie L., Vincent S., Denis P., Nicolas B., Leila R., Yves J., Nelly C., Constant B., Léa K., Bernard H., Noel B., Christian C., Fabien A., James C., Nicolas J., Jean D., Aero D., Gwendoline D., Stella F., Elodie P., Gaetan V., François B., Rodolphe C., François L., Eric T., Isabelle P., Stéphane B., Eric R., Laure S-P., Valérie B., Anne C., Pascal B., Corentin B., Rodolphe G., Julien G., Luc C., Guy C., Samantha P., Elodie R., Laure M., Laure F., Marc B., Pilou O., Christine B., Aurore B., Catherine D., Saraing, Manuel C., Carole P., Jacques H., Alexandre B., Xavier C., Julien C., Jean-Pierre D., Pascal V., Etienne V., Clement D., Chloe B., Françoise D., Alexandre T., Pierre C., Aline S-P., Samuel B., Angele W., Arthur D., Regis R., Mehdi R., Guillaume F., Alexandre J., Kevyn C., Alice L.

Regulation of electric scooters (in France)

You want the Maestra but you do not know the regulations?

The Maestra is an electric scooter which is not homologated road. Problem: there are no texts surrounding its use. The only thing we know today is that you need to be at least 14 years to drive it in a public place.

As a result, it is custom, usage, which acts as the law.

There are two movements: those who consider that what is not prohibited is allowed and those who consider that what is not allowed is prohibited.

In fact, the users of the electric scooter consider that without prohibitions, nothing forbids them to roll on the pavements or on the cyclable paths. Both are now tolerated in the absence of texts. That’s what people are doing today.
The second movement believes we should apply to these small vehicles, the regulation “pedestrian”. In this case, electric scooters should ride on pavements at a maximum speed of 6 km/h, respecting other users (especially pedestrians) and respecting traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. Beyond this speed, we shouldn’t drive on the pavements but only on private roads. This way of thinking is mainly that of pedestrians.


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